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[b]/[p]/[ph]-Series and [d]/[t]/[th]-Series in Thai and English

When touring around Thailand, it isn’t uncommon to encounter attractions with a most disagreeable double pricing system (higher admission cost for non-Thai nationals, you would never find this in Europe… Anyway…).  I imagine three categories of non-Thai tourist: those who … Continue reading

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Usage of เผื่อ and เพื่อ

In this post, I’ll be discussing the usage of เผื่อ /phɯ̀a/ and เพื่อ /phɯ̂a/, which is often confused by learners of Thai due to their similar phonological and semantic values.

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Pluralizing Greek-Imported Nouns in Modern English

What’s the plural of octopus? Everybody I’ve asked recently (about ten native speakers in the last month) has replied with either “octopuses” or both  “octopuses” and “octopi.”  I must confess, I would have probably answered with “octopi,” if it weren’t … Continue reading

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