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Usage of เผื่อ and เพื่อ

In this post, I’ll be discussing the usage of เผื่อ /phɯ̀a/ and เพื่อ /phɯ̂a/, which is often confused by learners of Thai due to their similar phonological and semantic values. Advertisements

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Apollonius’ Theorem

An interesting relationship found in geometry involves the measurements of the sides of a triangle and the measurement of the triangle’s median.  In the following diagram the median of the triangle (with sides X and Y) is indicated by Z.  … Continue reading

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The Plural(s) of Asparagus

In a recent post, I had originally mentioned asparagus/asparagi as an example of hypercorrection due to the common Latin pluralization rule of –us –> –i .  However, from further investigation I’m not so sure that asparagus/asparagi is actually so “wrong” after … Continue reading

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